Communities are at the heart what we do. In developing a successful hydro scheme, community awareness, local engagement and consultation is key. During projects, our emphasis has focused on the use of local suppliers, creating employment, developing local amenities and improving access to woodlands. Hydro Schemes’ existing portfolio includes: projects where we have constructed woodland shelters- utilised by local residents, schools and tourists; the provision of woodland picnic benches and recreational areas; financial contributions towards local community funds, paid annually.

Using innovative engineering designs, Hydro Schemes has recycled excavated material to construct paths and woodland tracks in widening accessibility to some of Wales’ areas of outstanding beauty. Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) ensure that the construction of hydroelectric schemes pose no lasting ‘harm’ and can indeed enhance and encourage natural ecosystems.

Hydro Schemes is delighted to help support local communities and promote the natural environment that surrounds them.

Woodland community shelter at Strata Florida