High Head Schemes

Strata Florida

Fully owned and operated by Hydro Schemes, The Strata Florida project was developed alongside Natural Resources Wales (NRW). This involved a 2km penstock, small intake weir and stone-clad powerhouse. A highly successful development on NRWs land, Hydro Schemes liaised with archaeologists, hydrologists and ecologists. The scheme represents the collaboration of a multi-disciplinary team in generating renewable energy whilst adhering to multiple ecological and historical conservation considerations and constraints. As the site is part of a Cistercian Abbey, founded in 1164, ancient monument consent was required as was the construction of a migratory fish pass.

Years in operation: 3

Annual output: 475,000 kWh

Maximum output: 100 kW

Turbine at Strata Florida in situ


This scheme is situated in the heart of the old coal mining area in South Wales. Located on farmland in the village of Glyncorrwg, it historically housed a large mining facility- employing over 900 people at its peak. The site incorporates 2 intake weirs, 1.8 km penstock and a slate roofed powerhouse. This development was in partnership with landowner who receives a percentage of generated revenue and an opportunity for the farmer to diversify.

Years in operation: 2

Annual output: 425,000 kWh

Maximum output:100 kW

Construction work at Glyncorrwg

Tan y Rhiw

This scheme involved a 1.5 km penstock and intake work. Hydro Schemes were involved in the licensing, construction and installation of this development. Located on a farm, the owner saw an opportunity to diversify and supplement their farming income.

Years in operation: 5 +

Annual output: 275,000 kWh

Maximum output: 60 kW

Turbine runner blade


This high head scheme was developed on an organic farm and promotes their ethos -sustainability and clean living. The scheme powers the Moelgolomen farm, extracting its water from higher up in the valley, from the small stream ‘ Nant Perfedd’- Welsh for ‘perfect stream’. The penstock was installed across difficult terrain and innovative methods utilised to minimise the environmental and agricultural impact.

Years in operation: 7

Annual output: 125,000 kWh

Maximum output: 20 kW

Intake weir at Moelgolomen


An example of a smaller scale scheme involving a 600m pipeline, intake weir and powerhouse.  This was developed to power a private residence and reduce the landowner’s electricity bill to zero.

Years in operation: 7

Annual output: 150,000 kWh

Maximum output: 20 kW

Excavation at Pantrhyden